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7 / 9 Point face lift

This innovative hyaluronic acid application method has been developed by a world famous plastic surgeon – Mauricio de Maio M.D. 7- /9- point face lift is an alternative to cosmetic surgery. Volumetric hyaluronic acid preparations allow us to achieve results similar to mini face-lift, without the necessary recovery time.


around 60 minutes

Recovery time:

1-4 days


4800 zł / 1 session

7 / 9 Point face lift

Treatment details

The 7-point face lift has been designed for women and the 9-point face lift for men. After a detailed face analysis, we are able to rejuvenate the skin naturally by applying small amounts of hyaluronic acid in desired areas. This method enables us to: rejuvenate periorbital area, lift outer parts of brows, get rid of dark circles under the eyes, rebuild cheek volume, define zygomatic bones, lift corners of the mouth, shallow nasolabial folds, define jawline, rebuild chin area, reduce second chin, reduce marionette lines, improve side face profile. In order to achieve the best results, we use the world-renowned Juvederm VYCROSS products. They provide a high safety profile and help us minimize potential treatment side-effects (redness, lumps, bumps, bruising).

The treatment results are visible immediately, they can last up to 12-18 months. However, in some cases, a correction treatment is recommended in order to retain the treatment effects longer. Typically, the treatment plan is discussed with the patient during the first consultation. Usually, it takes between 2-3 sessions with one month break between each treatment session to achieve the desired results. The number of sessions and the length of the whole treatment depend on the needs and the condition of the patient.

  • Skin and tissue laxity, the appearance of “jowls”,

  • Loss of jawline definition,

  • Loss of facial volume: cheeks, temples,

  • Receding chin,

  • “Marionette lines”,

  • Fatigued periorbital area,

  • Drooping mouth corners,

  • Deep nasolabial lines,

  • Second chin

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding,

  • Uncontrolled diabetes,

  • Cancer (up to 5 years post remission),

  • Active face/body allergy,

  • Active skin infection, herpes, cold

  • Autoimmune disease,

  • Allergy to medication ingredients, including lidocaine

Important before the treatment:
  • Avoid alcohol consumption a couple of days before the treatment,

  • avoid caffeine on the day of the treatment,

  • refrain from taking blood thinners (antioxidants, e.g. vitamin E, Omega 3 acids, herbal preparations, aspiring, painkillers) up to one week before the treatment,

  • use vascular permeability reduction supplements,  e. g. aescin, vitamin C, rutin.

Important after the treatment:
  • Avoid swimming pools or sauna up to 2 weeks after the treatment,

  • refrain from physical training for 48 hours after the treatment,

  • diligent hygiene,

  • avoid touching or pressing the areas affected by the treatment,

  • avoid sleeping on the side – 2 nights after the treatment and face massage,

  • avoid applying makeup for 24 hours after the treatment,

  • avoid thermal treatments up to 2-3 months after the treatment.

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