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Cherish your beauty, perfecting it from within and without. It is a holistic approach that represents the medicine of the future.




N30 Clinic is a modern concept connecting specialists of aesthetic medicine,
cosmetology and the spa industry. It is located in a peaceful Żoliborz district in Warsaw. The synergy of our knowledge, experience, clinical research, state-of-the-art procedures and technology allowed us to create a place where
our treatments can bring natural results safely.
Discover the place where we will holistically rejuvenate your skin.



Our patients are provided with a personalized approach concerning cosmetological and aesthetic wellness. We prepare viable and effective treatment plans that allow us to achieve the best results. At N30 we look after your comfort, relaxation and peace of mind.


How to prepare for the first consultation

Medical history
A medical consultation is essential – prepare a list of all regular and/or emergency medications that you take (especially anticoagulants and antibiotics), including supplements and herbal medicines. Remember to inform about all chronic, allergic and autoimmune conditions (e.g. Hashimoto’s).
Previous surgeries and treatments
Inform the doctor about your previous surgeries and treatments. Types and names of aesthetic medicines used including possible side effects and allergic reactions.
General Wellbeing

Suffering from a cold, herpes, fever, sinusitis, skin or airborne allergy renders
the patient ineligible for the treatment. Inform the doctor about all recent
symptoms you are aware of.


Refrain from taking emergency painkillers. Painkillers can increase the risk of bruising.


If you are susceptible to effusion and hematoma, follow a 7 day supplementation
of vitamin C, rutoside and aescin to reduce the risk of the symptoms.

If you experience chronic herpes, before a mouth area treatment, follow a 3 day supplementation of oral acyclovir.
Alcohol and substances
Refrain from alcohol and substance use for 3 days before the appointment. Avoid caffeine on the day of the treatment.
Remember about hydration
Stay hydrated – drink a minimum of 2 liters of water a day, especially 7 days before the scheduled treatment. Aspire to stay hydrated after every procedure (and on a daily basis) in order to improve and retain the treatment results.
Keep calm
Stay positive and do not worry, we will keep your discomfort to the absolute minimum and we will provide the best care available. You are in safe hands!

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