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N30 is a modern concept located in Muranów, Warsaw. Founded by Mariola Gałązka MD, N30 synergizes aesthetic medicine, cosmetology and spa services. N30 is a place where beauty, knowledge and experience combine. The clinic offers the best specialists, innovative treatments and modern personalized treatment plans. N30 is a boutique space where our patients feel truly special.

About me

Mariola Gałązka

Mariola Gałązka M.D. – N30 founder, aesthetic doctor, graduate of Medical University of Warsaw, over 8 years of experience in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine practice.

An international lecturer and anti-aging expert who specializes in therapeutic aesthetic medicine, personalized preventive care, supplementation and sports medicine.

She is a certified physician of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine who gained medical knowledge and experience in Dubai, USA, Paris, Monaco, Cannes, Switzerland, Sweden, Barcelona, Prague and Budapest. She is one of the few Polish physicians who completed preventive care training under the auspices of Mediprevent in France.

She shares her knowledge and experience concerning botulinum toxin and cross linked hyaluronic acid with other medical professionals during numerous medical seminars and workshops (Allergan Medical Institute).

She conducted her lectures during international medical congresses in Miami, Monte Carlo, Madrid and Warsaw among others.

She popularizes holistic medicine as the medicine of the future with a strong belief that rejuvenation should take place both from within and without.

Our values

Holistic approach skin rejuvenation from within and without.

Personalized treatment plan. Our carefully prepared treatment plans grant the best results.

We nourish your beauty.
Natural effects achieved safely

We guarantee maximum comfort and a private, unique atmosphere.


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Skuteczne leczenie to wypadkowa najlepszych specjalistów, innowacyjnych technologii oraz wyselekcjonowanych kosmetyków. Przygotowaliśmy ofertę zabiegów, które w holistyczny i najbardziej naturalny sposób zadbają o Twoje piękno.