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Botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin is used in the cases of forehead, glabella or lateral canthal lines. It is considered a preventative option for wrinkles. The medication is recommended before the wrinkles become permanent; that is before the appearance of static wrinkles (visible without facial expressions). Botulinum toxin is one of the most researched substances in the field of aesthetic medicine. It is frequently used in ophthalmology, neurology, gynecology, pediatrics and orthopedics.


15-30 minutes

Recovery time:

20 minutes


from 800 zł

Botulinum toxin

Treatment details

Botulinum toxin is also used in migraine treatment. Applying the medication in the head area can effectively relax the muscle tension which may be the cause of the migraine. Another application of botulinum toxin is focal hyperhidrosis. The toxin temporarily weakens sweat glands in the desired area, effectively reducing perspiration of armpits, hands, feet, chest, head or loins. BT is used in bruxism (excess masseter tension) treatment. There may be numerous factors contributing to bruxism- chronic stress, malocclusion, spine issues or muscle overstrain. Muscle overstrain can lead to masseter overgrowth, visible in the lower face contour. The issue often impacts general well-being (frequent headaches) and consequently lead to stomatological issues (temporo-mandubular joint degeneration, teeth enamel damage). Botulinum toxin acts gradually, the full effects become visible after 7-14 days after the treatment (depending on the type of toxin used). The effects of treatment persist on an individual basis and depend on personal lifestyle (physical activity, using sauna, sunbathing). Typically, the patient can enjoy the effects of the treatment up to 4 months after the procedure.  It is recommended to repeat the treatment 2-3 times a year, no sooner than 4 months after the previous treatment. There are no visible scarring or markings after the procedure. A control consultation is recommended 2 weeks after the treatment.

  • Vertical and horizontal forehead (glabella) wrinkles,

  • lateral canthal lines,

  • Focal hyperhidrosis affecting armpits, hands, feet, chest, scalp etc. ,

  • Chronic headaches (migraine, tension and other)

  • Bruxism – excessive tension and masseter hypertrophy

  • Pebbly chin,

  • Drooping mouth corners,

  • Nose tip lifting

  • Myasthenia gravis,

  • Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome,

  • Pregnancy and lactation,

  • Active infection,

  • Sarcoidosis,

  • Oversensitivity or allergy to medication ingredients

Important before the treatment:

There is no need for a particular preparation for the treatment

Important after the treatment:
  • Avoid physical activity and alcohol consumption 24 hours after the treatment,

  • avoid intense facial massage up to a couple of days after the treatment, avoid sun exposure and high temperatures (including heat treatment targeting the affected body area)

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