30-45 minutes

Recovery time:

1-2 days


1300 zł


Treatment details

Linerase is a class III medical device. It is a new generation of heterological type I collagen in the form of lyophilised purified powder (purification achieved without the use of proteolytic enzymes). Non-cross-linked type I atelocollagen is applied via an injection, it results in regeneration and repair of the most sensitive areas of the skin and the body. Linerase has a characteristic double effect- it stimulates the fibroblasts already present in the patient’s skin to produce endogenous collagen fibers as well as enhances fibroblast proliferation, leading to production of new, young collagen fibers. Linerase creates optimal conditions for skin repair and regeneration. Depending on the patient’s need, a single treatment or a series of 2-4 treatments (with 3 week breaks between treatment sessions) are recommended.

Laugh lines,

Dry and dehydrated skin,

Lack of firmness and tension,


Skin laxity,

Facial oval improvement,

Neck, cleavage, hands, body skin revitalization,

Post acne scars


Pregnancy or breastfeeding,

Uncontrolled diabetes,

Active face/body allergy,

Active skin infection, herpes, cold

Autoimmune disease,

Regular use of anticoagulants,



Important before the treatment:

Stay well hydrated (2 liters of water per day 7 days before the treatment),

Avoid alcohol consumption a couple of days before the treatment, avoid caffeine on

the day of the treatment, refrain from taking blood thinners (antioxidants, e.g. vitamin

E, Omega 3 acids, herbal preparations, aspiring, painkillers) up to one week before

the treatment, use vascular permeability reduction supplements, e. g. aescin,

vitamin C, rutin

Important after the treatment:

Avoid swimming pools or sauna up to 5 days after the treatment,

refrain from physical training for 24 hours after the treatment,

diligent hygiene,

avoid applying makeup for 24 hours after the treatment,

avoid thermal treatments up to 3 months after the treatment,

Stay well hydrated (2 liters of water per day)

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