Multi acid peeling treatment

During the medical consultation we establish the needs of the patient’s skin. Multi acid peeling treatment chemically influences sebum regulation, has antibacterial, anti-acne and anti-aging properties.


30 - 60 minutes

Recovery time:

2 - 3 days

there will be skin exfoliation 2-3 days after the treatment that will last up to 4 days depending on the acids used


from 300 zł

Multi acid peeling treatment

Treatment details

The acids used during the procedure are tailored to the patient’s needs. We can use up to 3-5 acids during one treatment session. Each acid benefits the skin differently. The application of multiple acids guarantees long lasting and satisfying results.

  • Skin laxity

  • Wrinkles

  • Post acne and traumatic scars

  • Papular and papulopustular acne

  • Comedones

  • Seborrhea

  • Discoloration

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding,

  • Severe infections,

  • Cold sores (herpes labialis)

  • Intense sun exposure

  • Irritated, damaged skin (erosion)

  • Sensitivity to preparation ingredients,

  • Autoimmune disease (e.g. collagenosis), connective tissue disease,

  • Skin allergy (discussed during the consultation),

  • Cryotherapy (up to 6 months after the treatment)

  • Oral retinoid treatment (up to 6 months after the treatment)

  • Cancer

Important before the treatment:
  • Remove makeup

  • Avoid sunbathing 2 weeks before the treatment

Important after the treatment:
  • Avoid swimming pools or saunas for 5 days after the treatment,

  • diligent hygiene,

  • avoid applying makeup for 24 hours after the treatment,

  • avoid alcohol consumption on the day of the treatment and on the day after,

  • Stay well hydrated (2 liters of water per day)

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