Dr. Cyj Peptides

Prolonged release of active substances provides long lasting results and increased penetration, which improves hair quality, stimulates and accelerates hair growth and scalp regeneration. Due to their unique composition (7 peptides and hyaluronic acid), DR. CYJ Peptides can be called “hair fillers”.


15 minutes

Recovery time:

from couple of hours



4 session bundle 3200 zł

Dr. Cyj Peptides

Treatment details

The treatment inhibits hair loss, stimulates hair growth and thickening. The formula composed of hyaluronic acid and 7 peptides enhances blood circulation and blood supply of the patient’s scalp and nourishes hair follicles. Dr Cyj Hair Filler is a patented technology of prolonging the release and penetration of active substances – the minimum dose of highly concentrated preparation stays active for 2 weeks after the treatment. The patient can benefit from the treatment regardless of their gender.

  • Androgenetic alopecia

  • Thin and thinning hair

  • Excessive hair loss (e.g. seasonal, due to stress, after COVID-19)

  • Maintaining hair transplant effects

  • Inflammatory scalp diseases,

  • Allergies,

  • The use of immunosuppressants and steroids,

  • Autoimmune diseases,

  • Uncontrolled diabetes,

  • Rheumatoid arthritis,

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding

Important before the treatment:
  • Wash your hair and scalp 24 hours before the treatment (do not use hair products afterwards)

Important after the treatment:
  • Follow the doctor’s instructions,

  • Use recommended scalp care products,

  • Do not wash your hair or scalp up to 12 hours after the treatment,

  • Avoid solar beds or sauna for 24 hours after the treatment

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