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Hands - restoration and regeneration

Our hands can be akin to our business cards. As time goes by, they can become affected by unwanted wrinkles, loss of elasticity. Visible veins or discoloration may also pose a problem. Many people experience the discomfort of dry hands. This procedure has been prepared for patients who want to improve their hands’ condition.


about 30 minutes

Recovery time:

up to 2 days


1800 zł

Hands – restoration and regeneration

Treatment details

Tissue regeneration and stimulation, hydration, rejuvenated skin tension and aesthetic improvement are the goals of the treatment. The immediate effects of the procedure are significant but not final. The patient can enjoy the final effects of the treatment after around 4 weeks. The affected area of the body may feel sore, there may be mild bruising. Effects persist up to 1 year.

  • Loss of volume in the skin of the hands

  • Visible signs of aging: wrinkles, skin laxity, dry skin

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding,

  • Uncontrolled diabetes,

  • Cancer (up to 5 years post remission),

  • Active face/body allergy,

  • Active skin infection, herpes, cold

  • Autoimmune disease,

  • Allergy to medication ingredients, including lidocaine

Important before the treatment:
  • Stay hydrated, avoid alcohol consumption a couple of days before the treatment,

  • avoid caffeine on the day of the treatment.

Important after the treatment:
  • Avoid swimming pools or saunas up to 2 weeks after the treatment,
  • diligent hygiene, reduce sun exposure for a few days

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